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Requirements for Training Companies

General Requirements

  • Training companies will be approved for a period of three years unless the approval is revoked earlier by the Food Control Department or surrendered by the Company.
  • Companies (as well as individuals) may gain approval as trainers of food safety training provided thet employed at least one person with the knowledge, experience and skills required to meet the criteria (please see review PIC Requirements for Business).
  • Training companies must have adequate systems and resources in place - including staff and, where appropriate, equipment, materials and software - to support the delivery of trianing programmes. They must ensure that their staff are competent and have access to appropriate training, guidance and support.
  • Training companies must have a named point of contact for each course they deliver. This means that when a candidate has a query regarding any aspect of a qualification or when the Food Control Department or an Awarding Body needs to make contact with a training company; it must be clear to whom they should direct enquiries and correspondence.
  • Training companies must use training materials and lesson plans provided by the Awarding Body (these have been approved by the Food Control Department).
  • Training companies must adhere to the quality process and procedures of the Awarding Body, the Food Control Department and the Dubai Accreditation at all times.

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