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Consult – Review – Level – Accredit – Certificate

Accreditation of your local and customised qualifications will improve international work opportunities for your learners and give your organisation a significant advantage over competitors.

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Our accreditation service will:

  • Allow you to retain the intellectual property rights of your qualification.
  • Apply UK best practice and quality assurance principles to the design, delivery and assessment of your qualification.
  • Level benchmark the performance of your learners against measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria. More information on level comparisons is available here.
  • Support the development of your qualification in line with local regulations to meet local needs.

The benefits of accrediting your qualification with Highfield

By gaining Highfield Accreditation for your qualification, you will be able to demonstrate the following value-added benefits:                 

  • Recognition from an international qualification provider.
  • Credibility to attract clients; and reassure to students and their parents.
  • Assurance that your qualification is providing students with the knowledge, skills and competences needed in the workplace and for their personal development.
  • Professional certification from an international qualification provider that can include your logo (or your clients’).
  • Choice of paper or digital format certification.

In addition to the above employers will be able to check the validity of your accredited qualification using our online CheckCert facility through the Highfield International website – available here.