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Qualify at Home - Online training and qualifications through Highfield

We are in a time of great uncertainty, and our movements are being restricted as governments battle to contain the Covid-19 virus.

Highfield have many digital solutions that will enable you to complete your training and exams online, all from the safety of your home! All you need is a laptop/computer (with a camera), internet access and a mobile phone.

Turn home working into home learning and qualifying!

Our digital portfolio can help you keep your business on the front foot during the COVID-19 crisis. Offer your candidates and clients, even those in isolation, an alternative with our complete 4 step Qualify at Home’ suite.

The 4 step ‘Qualify at Home’ suite

E-learning - award winning, instantly available, accessible anywhere.
E-assessment - regulated assessments on your computer. Learn about E-assessment
Online invigilation - at home when convenient with the learner.
E-certification -verifiable online by Checkcert.

Download our Qualify at Home booklet here!

Features and benefits

  • Let learners learn AND qualify from home or anywhere in the country.
  • Enable home and work-based tests to be undertaken without an invigilator present.
  • Test conducted under normal exam conditions.

Please contact your Centre Manager by email direct or send an email to customerservices@highfieldinternational.com We are keen to discuss our new solutions, which can be designed for your specific requirements and also our existing packages with you.