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HABC MEA Train the Trainer

PIC Rules and Regulations state that additional to the approval from the Dubai Municipality Food Control Department a PIC Trainer shall have:

  • A clear understanding of the PIC competence standards (see Annexe 1 in the PIC Rules and Regulations)
  • The necessary knowledge and qualifications, experience to explain adequately why these standards are required
  • The necessary training skills to deliver the training programme effectively

Regarding the Training Qualifications

Trainers should hold a teaching qualification recognised by the Food Control Department. Either a Certificate or a Degree in Education, or a certified Train the Trainer should be sufficient.

Trainers have to be certified by and Awarding Body

Trainers shall be certified to train Person(s) in Charge through completion of an examination conducted by an Awarding Body.

HABC MEA Train the Trainer Course

HABC MEA offers Train the Trainer courses on a regular basis for those interested to deliver PIC Training.

The HABC MEA Train the Trainer course provides the information and confidence to enable the Trainer to completely deliver the Certified Person in Charge Food Safety Course to meet the requirements of the Food Control Department - Dubai Municipality.

However, please note that approval from the Municipality must also be granted to complete the process.

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