HSO Minimum Requirements | Highfield International

Minimum Candidate Requirements

The certified HSO in labour accommodation is responsible for ensuring that the health and safety specifications from the Public Health and Safety Department are met and that any deviations from these standards are assessed and reported. The Dubai Municipality and Highfield International developed HSO training materials and will provide the HSO with a suitable source of reference for information and advice on various aspects of health and safety. The Highfield training materials will help the HSO assess hazards, and report and implement corrective actions on a regular basis to create a happy, clean and safe accommodation environment.

In order to be certified as a Health and Safety Officer in Labour Accommodation, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. complete the approved Health and Safety Officer Certification Course, as per the HSO for Labourers Accommodation Scheme
  2. successfully complete the Health and Safety Course Examination conducted by the Highfield under secure exam condition.

The competency requirements for a certified HSO will include:

  1. basic infrastructure requirements
  2. basic utilities requirements
  3. general maintenance requirements
  4. general cleanliness requirements
  5. safety requirements
  6. emergency evacuation plan
  7. dealing with communicable diseases
  8. risk assessment
  9. auditing/inspection and record-keeping
  10. legislation and guidelines for labour accommodation