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Lifeguard Recertification


A lifeguard's certificate will not have more than two years' validity. For recertification, candidates must complete all recertification requirements any time within two months prior to their certificate’s expiry date. This includes:

  • Passing the recertification written/oral and practical examination(s)
  • Continuing to meet medical requirements by the local health authority
  • Compliance with LSC's Substance Abuse Policy
  • Compliance with the code of ethics


No matter how many hours of experience a lifeguard candidate can prove they have gained during their period of certification, they need to take both the theory and the practical exam to renew their certificate.

All candidates are allowed two attempts to pass their renewal theory and practical assessment exams before their certification expires. Candidates who are unsuccessful after two attempts must undertake the full course.

Successful candidates will be awarded with a renewal certificate. The date of award on this certificate will be the expiry date of their previous certificate.


There is no grace period after their certification expires. Candidates whose certification has lapsed must take the full course followed by the theory and practical exams to be certified again.