Highfield Statement of Impartiality | Highfield International

Statement of Impartiality

At Highfield International we take the integrity of all our qualifications very seriously, and as such have a duty to ensure their integrity and impartiality and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in our qualifications and certification schemes.

Highfield has created specifications, policies and procedures to prevent the professional and personal interests of its directors, employees and associates from influencing their duties in the development, delivery and award of qualifications in accordance with any relevant regulatory criteria.

We have identified and assessed risks that may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality. Any conflict of interest is reported, documented in a conflict of interest register and reviewed by Highfield. Highfield's policies and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis and form part of the directors’ annual statement of compliance to the appropriate qualification regulators.

In this way, Highfield ensures that all activities undertaken throughout the certification process are conducted in an independent and impartial manner and aim to inspire confidence in our qualifications and certification schemes to our customers and the public at large by:

  • the quality and competence of its personnel
  • offering high standards of customer service
  • our integrity and the transparency of our processes
  • maintaining and protecting confidentiality