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Highfield has now withdrawn from the Dubai Municipality Lifeguard Scheme (all three categories – Shallow Water, Pool and Beach Lifeguard). The last registration date for Highfield approved centres to register any lifeguarding candidates with Highfield is 30 November 2021. No new registrations will be accepted after this deadline. 31 December 2021 is the deadline for the completion of any lifeguard re-sit assessments.

Dubai Lifeguarding Certification Scheme

This certification scheme has been developed (and is regulated by) Dubai Accreditation Centre, with the assistance of the Dubai Lifeguard Scheme Committee (LSC) and is implemented by highly qualified professional individuals. It sets standards and fairly measures the knowledge and proficiency required from learners for the safe lifeguarding of pools, water-parks and beachfronts. The LSC has identified the following potential benefits of a professional lifeguard certification:

  • Fewer drowning accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • Reduced risk of loss
  • Assurance of lifeguard's abilities and a standard code of practice
  • Less property damage
  • Improved safety records
  • Enhanced public image of lifeguards (prevention through education)

Highfield has been accredited by the Dubai Accreditation Department to provide certification for persons who successfully pass lifeguarding courses in 3 specialities:

  • Shallow water lifeguard
  • Pool lifeguard
  • Beach lifeguard

The examination for these specialities has been designed according with the:

For information regarding Lifeguarding Qualifications outside of Dubai please visit our International Qualifications in the left side menu.

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