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Become an HABC Certified PIC

Competency Requirements of Certified Persons in Charge (PIC)

In order to become a Person in Charge certified in food safety, an individual must meet the requirements of the Food Control Department.

The person must complete a Food Control Department approved Food Safety Certification Course appropriate tothe business activity and successfully complete the Food Safety Certification Examination conducted by the Awarding Body under secure conditions.

To review which PIC course and examination you need to undertake, please click on the icon below. You will be able to access the table list of the Person in Charge requirement based on business type and the level of qualification required established by the Food Control Department.

Each certified Person in Charge shall possess knowledge of food safety principles and practices as demonstrated by passing an examination accepted to the Food Control Department. The candidate to PIC should score not less than 20 out of 30 for Level 2 examination and 40 out of 60 for the Level 3 examination. Each person passing an acceptable examination and fulfilling all the scheme requirements shall receive a certificate valid fir a period of five years from the date of issuance.

Please click on the icons below to view details of the HABC Level 2 and Level 3 PIC Specifications

The Person in Charge shall undergo a recertification process before the end of the fifth year after certification. The recertification can be obtained by passing the recertification examination approved by the Food Control Department and fulfilling all the scheme requirements defined in the Person in Charge Certification Scheme.

A Food Inspection Officer from the Food Control Department shall recommend recertification of the Person in Charge, if during the inspection the Person in Charge of food establishments obtains C grade with two or more critical violations; or grade D or grade E in the routine food inspections. In this case the Person in Charge will be considered incompetent in managing food safety risks and request to attend retraining and assessment.

All individuals wishing to receive HABC PIC certification and all Trainers wanting to receive HABC approval to train the PIC course should also read the DM document. To view this, please click on the icon below:

In addition to the Dubai Municipality Requirements, HABC have produced a Policies Manual which provides additional information about PIC. Please click on the icon below to view the HABC PIC Policies Manual.


Person in Charge of food manufacturing units are exempted from the formal training and examination process mentioned in this document. The nominated PIC in such food establishments will be assessed by Food Inspection Officer from DM Food Control Department.

Regarding HACCP certificed manufacturing establishments, the HACCP team leader should be the Person in Charge of food safety. This will be subject to the approval of the DM Food Control Department.

Person in Charge Registration Form

It is a requirement without exception that any individual wishing to become a Person in Charge to complete the Person in Charge Registration Form. The candidate has to complete all the fields, read carefully and understand the declaration and use of the certification and sign the form before starting the training. HABC MEA staff will review this registration form before the examination and process the information for the candidate records.

Person in Charge Registration Form

For further information please contact:

HABC MEA PIC Department
Building no B/P 49
Office Unit no 306
Dubai Healthcare City

Contact telephone number:

00 9714 449 4042



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