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Food Safety

Highfield International offers an extensive range of international food safety qualifications to training providers across the Middle East and Asia. These qualifications are delivered by Highfield-approved training centres for food safety in Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

At Highfield our food safety qualifications range from level 1 through to level 4 and are internationally recognised as a mark of excellence. We also offer a number of Ofqual-regulated qualifications, which have met the highest quality standards required in the UK.

All our qualifications have been produced by Highfield’s team of subject matter experts, which include Richard Sprenger – a leading expert in this field, and the person who worked in partnership with the Dubai Municipality to introduce the person in charge programme, which is now compulsory for all food businesses operating in Dubai. 

On obtaining a Highfield International food safety qualification, employees who handle food will gain a good understanding of the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved in producing safe food. Furthermore, they will have the knowledge to deliver quality food safely to customers.

In addition to our internationally recognised food safety qualifications, we also offer a range of high-quality, user-friendly training materials including PowerPoints that are suitable for delivering food safety training. Highfield’s range of food safety textbooks is unrivalled with titles including Hygiene for Management, the Food Safety Handbook and Hygiene Sense. We also offer award-winning food safety e-learning courses.

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