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Highfield Level 2 Certificate in Customer Service (RQF)


RQF Transition

This qualification has been transitioned from the QCF to the RQF. During this transition, no major changes were made to the content or assessment method.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is aimed at learners who are new to the customer service sector and wish to improve their knowledge of this area resulting in the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification.  The qualification provides learners with the knowledge and understanding in customer service for learners who deal, or intend to deal, with customers on a daily basis as part of their job role and is applicable to a variety of work environments

How long will it take?

To complete this qualification learners should expect to undertake 115 guided learning hours. 

Topics covered

These include delivery of effective customer service and supporting the customer service environment. 

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by a portfolio of evidence.



Invaluable support for your learners

Highfield Products provides some fantastic training materials that we think your learners will love when taking this qualification. Simply contact your centre manager for full information.