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Highfield Level 3 International Award in Delivering Training

This qualification has been developed for both experienced and new trainers who wish to improve their performance and obtain a training qualification that will enable them to deliver Highfield qualifications.

This international qualification would be typically delivered to learners through a 2-day training course (12 hours).

Topics covered include the characteristics of an effective tutor, catering for different learning styles, knowing how to manage groups and individuals, effective question techniques, types of assessment and how to use session plans effectively.

Learners who achieve this qualification and wish to progress their careers may wish to consider the following qualification:

Highfield recommends that you contact the relevant government department in the country that you want to deliver the training to ensure that there are no additional approval requirements. It may be that you are required to register as a training provider within the country itself. Highfield approves Centres based on its own criteria, and does not represent any other organisations or departments.