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Highfield Level 2 International Award in Swimming Pool Safety

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification for those learners wishing to develop skills and knowledge in basic pool safety and rescue, acting in a support role at pools where suitably trained and qualified lifeguards are on duty.

These settings may include:

  • Schools
  • Swim clubs
  • Hotels
  • Private sports venues

It covers facility operations, basic venue and activity safety, safe rescue techniques and key incident management strategies.

Important Note: This qualification does not replace or denote a ‘First Aid Qualification’ or ‘Lifeguard Qualification’.

How long will it take?

To complete this qualification learners should expect to undertake approximately 8 hours of learning.

Topics covered

  • principles of health and safety and risk assessment for pool safety
  • specific environments and activities can impact the safety of a pool venue
  • normal operating procedures for routine pool management and the procedures in the event of an emergency
  • response to swimming pool emergencies

Assessment Method

This qualification is assessed in two parts, by multiple-choice knoweldge exams and practical demonstration. The exam papers and the assessment pack are available from the download section fo the member's area. 

Important Note: Highfield recommends that you contact the relevant Government Department in the country that you want to deliver this qualification, to ensure that local laws are being adhered to and that there are no additional approval requirements. It may be that you are required to register as a training provider within the country itself. Highfield approves centres based on its own criteria but does not represent any other organisations or departments.