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Delivering the Level 2 HSO in Labour Accommodation - Course Plan

Before any training can take place, the trainer must provide a course plan and a schedule of training sessions to both Highfield and the Public Health and Safety Department. This information must be provided a minimum of 5 working days before the course’s start date.

The course plan must include:

  •  training dates and timings
  • details of the venue
  • number of trainees
  • course language
  • examination time
  • any other details that may be required for the registration of the trainees

Any changes to the planned training schedule must be reported to Highfield immediately.

Training Room

  • Training should be conducted in rooms that are suitable and solely dedicated for that purpose
  • Training rooms should have adequate lighting and ventilation, and the type of seating should be suitable and offer trainees comfort
  • The room should be as quiet as possible and free from any other activities that could distract trainees. Restaurant dining areas and rooms that have other activities that could distract the trainees should not be used for training
  • There should be sufficient space between the trainees with a minimum distance of one metre between two people

Delivery of Training

Training providers shall provide the training through trainer-led lecture sessions. The training time excluding the examination shall not be less than 20 guided learning hours. The instructor should consider expanding the number of contact hours if a review of the participants reveals learning disabilities, language barriers or other factors that may inhibit learning.

Health and Safety Office in Labour Accommodation Level 2 Course Specification